About Us

SmartFunder is one of the biggest bursary and educational finance administrators in South Africa and was launched with a vision to make education in South Africa more affordable and accessible.

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As Nelson Mandela once stated: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Funding is currently one of the biggest challenges in education and SmartFunder aims to utilise the advances in technology and legislation to assist the private sector to get involved in educational funding and help grow South Africa.

At SmartFunder we focus on quality, cost efficiency, compliance and transparency. We set up and administer bursary schemes and educational funding for companies. What differentiates SmartFunder from any other services provider in the market is our system which is specifically geared to handle the volumes of big corporates. This includes a custom built onboarding platform, cutting edge verification system and cost effective payments distribution system.

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Our Products

We currently offer the following products:

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School Fee Benefit

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Bursary Management

Our Services

We offer a variety of services under the following pillars:

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Bursary structures - setup and compliance

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Digital onboarding platforms - employees & students

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Verification - educational institutions & students

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Payments - directly to educational institutions

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General bursary administration and support


SmartFunder Career Cadidate

Passionate about education, technology and making a positive impact? Our team is always growing and we are constantly looking for talented software developers, client relationship managers and financial and general administrators. Send your CV to info@smartfunder.co.za.